A discussion about sustainable urban renewal projects with Committee for Melbourne

We recently hosted a Committee for Melbourne panel event in our studio. The discussion focused on the opportunities posed by urban regeneration projects in Melbourne and the need to ensure these projects are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Committee for Melbourne CEO Mark Melvin introduced the topic and the panel, which included NH Director Nick Bourns, Catherine Currie who is a project director at Mirvac and Leigh Holford, Economics Principal at Hatch Urban Solutions.

Nick Bourns kicked off the discussion with a keynote presentation. He outlined the considerations that underpin NH Architecture’s approach to urban regeneration projects. He acknowledged the sense of optimism and responsibility we experience when it comes to undertaking projects that have the potential to shape neighbourhoods and even have a broader influence on shaping our city.

He discussed the role we play as architects in mediating the interests of the place and the community, and the need to acknowledge the pre-colonial histories of Country as well as the more recent histories. He listed some of the tools we use to understand and interpret a site and codesign outcomes with communities. He also expanded on how we understand the opportunities for regeneration, not just renewal and how we target climate resilience and regenerative design in our practice.

Thanks to Committee for Melbourne for partnering with us to present this discussion on such a timely and relevant subject.

Committee for Melbourne’s Mark Sinclair with panelists Nick Bourns, Leigh Holford and Catherine Currie