As a practice, NH Architecture is part studio, part office and part extended family. Our ever-evolving, multi-disciplinary team make up the defining core of our studio. Our staff are our most vital feature.

Meet our team.


Hamish Lyon

Nick Bourns

General Manager

Felicity Douglas


Tibo Lazennec
Finance Director

Sarah Gowers
Practice Manager

Architects, urban planners, interior designers, graphic designers, architectural draftspersons, IT specialists and administration staff make up the abundance of expertise within our office.


Astrid Jenkin

Adrian Costa

Lucinda Arundel

Jan Vastesaeger

Martin Heide

As well as ensuring we sustain an inclusive space for all staff members’ creativity to flourish, synergy between client and creator is equally vital for our productivity. Concise internal and external communication, between rudimentary idea and actualisation of project, is key to the cohesion of our practice.

An amalgamation of national and international experience brings together our diverse team and supports our philosophy of social collaboration. This has shaped our studio to become a unique environment of open debate and creative innovation.

Senior Associates

Emily von Moger

Thuyai Chung

Nick Hubicki

Tiffany Tan

Sabrine Koo

Matt Pirrie

The success of our projects reflects the team of people behind them. We prize a holistic approach to our work, valuing the teaching of young architects in equal measure to the delivery of complex, large-scale projects, encompassing all staff members into the production of our work.


Peck Tam

Chloe Mikronis

Victor Wong

Vee Korjarunchit

Leona Dusanovic

Luis Sorrentino

Tom Sheehan