QVM Shed Restoration wins the John George Knight Award for Heritage at the 2023 Victorian Architecture Awards

Our Queen Victoria Market Shed Restoration has won the John George Knight Award for Heritage at the 2023 Victorian Architecture Awards!

In their comments, the jury praised the project team for our seamless integration of new services and clever in-situ repairs to the much loved, historic market sheds:

“The great strength of NH Architecture with Trethowan Architecture’s restoration of the sheds at the Queen Victoria Market is in the invisibility of its outcome. It is a clever future-proofing solution that celebrates the vibrancy of this much-loved market space.

The restoration’s primary objective was to repair and refurbish the open-air sheds while improving the market experience for all stakeholders. The challenge of the brief was to achieve this outcome without closing the market, resulting in a staged and in-situ solution.

Extensive stakeholder consultations enabled traders and the public to provide input and shape the project’s direction. The project team focused on upgrading services and restoring the structural elements to enhance the shed’s longevity along with providing a new, insulated roof that creates a sustainable outcome within the historic market precinct.

The jury was greatly impressed by the seamless integration of the outcome, preserving the chaos of the market while providing traders with improved access to power, water, and mobile food storage units that were co-designed with the traders.

The project successfully balances the restoration of significant architectural heritage with the needs of contemporary market operations setting a new benchmark for future restoration projects located within bustling urban environments.”

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