Burwood Brickworks selected as a finalist for the National Biophilic Design Awards

We’re pleased to see our project Burwood Brickworks selected as one of three finalists for the inaugural National Biophilic Design Awards.

An initiative of the Living Future Institute of Australia, the awards program celebrates built projects that demonstrate the principles of biophilic design. Elements like access to the natural environment, engaging all five senses, and embedding the building in place and Country are all important considerations.

We created a five-minute video to tell the story of how our team integrated biophilic design thinking into Burwood Brickworks and how those elements shape the experience of the shopping center for visitors, retailers, and the broader community.

Speaking about the project, Nick Bourns said the sawtooth roof at Burwood Brickworks is a design move that exemplifies the building’s approach to putting biophilic design principles into practice. The roof collects fresh air through operable windows that face south, allowing consistent natural light throughout the day but avoiding the hottest, direct midday sun. It mimics more complex systems found in nature, for example, the Eucalyptus tree which turns its leaves throughout the day, following the solar path to avoid the hottest sun on the broad side.

In a nod to the environmental aspirations of the project, the long, slender columns that hold up the roof are only the amount of structure needed, nothing more. This frees up a great deal of space and allows views through to the rooftop garden beyond. “It’s very important that this building is always connected to the environment,” he said.

The underside of the sawtooth roof provides a large-scale canvas for an artwork by Wurundjeri-willam artist Mandy Nicholson. The artwork, representing the six elements, or layers of Wurundjeri Country, is the most profound and symbolic of all the elements at Burwood Brickworks that are intended to embed the building in both place and Country.

We congratulate the finalists across all the categories and look forward to celebrating with the Living Future Institute Australia in Sydney at the awards ceremony later this month.