Burwood Brickworks held up as exemplar in regenerative interiors article: RIBA Journal

Burwood Brickworks has been featured in an article about regenerative interiors in the RIBA Journal. The article by Chloe Bullock ‘Regenerative interiors: the next step in sustainability’ cites Burwood Brickworks as an example of how regenerative thinking can be applied to achieve a net-positive result that benefits both people and planet.

Bullock says: ‘The solution demonstrated in Melbourne’s suburbs shows how regenerative design can even take the form of a shopping centre. For 20 years a 18ha former brickworks site sat derelict in the suburbs of Melbourne; now it has been replaced by a special project that not only revives and delights aesthetically but is an important LBC Petal certified regenerative scheme, forming a community of retail, leisure, parkland and 750 homes. The catalyst for Burwood Brickworks came from property development company Frasers Property Australia. Its project goal for the site was human delight and the celebration of culture, spirit, and place – and to be the world’s most sustainable shopping centre, something it achieved at the time of receipt of the certification.’

The article comes ahead of a book by the same author ‘Sustainable Interior Design’ which is out this month thought RIBA Publishing. The book is a practical and inspiring handbook of sustainable interior design approaches and details examples from 40 projects, including Burwood Brickworks which we designed with Russell & George and artist Mandy Nicholson for Frasers Property Australia in 2019.

Read the full article by Chloe Bullock here.

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‘Sustainable Interior Design’ by Chloe Bullock features Burwood Brickworks