NH Architecture plays an active role in the education of present and future generation architects, within both Melbourne’s universities and wider public institutions.

Through the studio’s teaching and practice research, we offer the vital tools necessary for students to carve their way into the industry with independence and integrity, whilst consistently contributing to public forums and debate. Many of our senior team members are involved with teaching in staff led architecture studios, professional practices and research groups with RMIT and Melbourne Universities.

With an active engagement with Universities, progressive and challenging approaches to architecture are continually being devised and evaluated. This creates an invaluable and symbiotic relationship between studio and student.

In order to challenge the classical definitions of architecture and encourage innovation creatively, we believe consistent teaching, both inside and outside of the university system, is vital for contemporary visions to become realised.

Inclusive public debate is integral to our ethos as a collaborative and investigative workspace, as well as providing a platform for learning which is accessible outside of tertiary education.