Mosman Park Housing, Perth

A building design which draws on all of the aspects of the locality, both in terms of the emotional understanding of Mosman Park as a place and its physical and geographical urban condition, to create a space for gathering, socialising and community life both formally and informally. A design that is fundamentally mixed use incorporating all the amenity to support living as the public focal point for the community. A place to enjoy the endearing qualities of Mosman Park.

Australian Capital Development
Mosman Park, Perth
Traditional Country
Whudjuk Noongar

Located in the heart of the garden suburb of Mosman Park, Western Australia this development will see the transformation of a 60’s retail park, that has not grown with the demand of the suburb, into a mixed use precinct, utilising the surrounding carparks to double the retail GLAR and create the platform for the development of 100 boutique residents. The project challenges the suburban context by embracing the civic role of the site as primary amenity for the area to become both a social and physical node for Mosman Park.

The residential development is targeted at the empty nester, downsizer market providing generous and flexible units that are low maintenance and sustainable. Instead of providing large barbeque terraces and gyms etc, these areas have been given back over to the apartments with the residents utlising the ground plane and the mixed use elements of the development as their amenity, embracing the mixed use mandate. The building is highly robust and responds to the character, context and environmental conditions of the suburb to create a great and long-standing piece of urban infrastructure for Mosman Park.