Glen Waverley Hub

The Glen Waverley mixed-use development will create a new front door to the existing railway station. As a terminus, the station precinct functions as a piece of public infrastructure and is used as a catalyst for new urban projects. The ten storey tower will be a prominent form within its context and, being the tallest building in Glen Waverley, it could take on the status of a local icon.

It will act as a form of urban punctuation, orienting locals, guiding them to the rail station and flag the new density that Glen Waverley will undergo.

This new building embraces the public realm, so that at a distance it would appear to be a freestanding monument although on closer inspection forms a backdrop to the civic space. It avoids being a monolith by presenting differing frontages addressing differing civic impulses.

The programme for the building is for 116 apartments above the ground plane of retail and commercial office. This provides a resident population that contributes to a safer public realm via passive surveillance, offers patrons to surrounding facilities.

At the crucial ground plane, small scale retail outlets will allow convenience retail associated with transport interchange, such as groceries, newsagency, and pharmacy, as well as hospitality in the form of a café with the capacity to open out northward to the sun. The proposal exposes and makes a public display of the new address for the railway station in addition to expanding the civic amenity.