NH Studio

The NH Architecture studio represents a commitment to the design principles of the practice and a broader demonstration of innovative urban renewal and environmental sustainability.

The renewal of NH Architecture’s own studio, involving major renovations to the two top levels of its existing building in Flinders Lane, is a testament to the firm’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and providing all staff with a comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable work place.

Overland Properties
Traditional Country
Wurundjeri/Boon Wurrung

The existing 1980s façade was structurally load-bearing, resisting any significant interventions or alterations. However, in association with the building owners, Overland Properties, NH Architecture committed to a long term sustainable vision for an adaptive reuse. In converting the original corporate fit-out, a focus on providing ample natural light and ventilation was considered essential. Large voids were cut into the concrete slab dividing the two floors, while a further series of openings were cut through the roof slab bringing daylight deep into the work space.


The landlocked nature of the building means that daylight must be borrowed from the façade. Permeability of exterior rooms and installation of pivot doors utilises maximum daylight, whilst also maintaining privacy.

Roof lanterns allow natural air to cycle through both levels via operable louvres connected to the building management system, while fresh air is also controlled by clear vision panels with operable sections.

Social initiatives include prioritising connectivity between the levels. Open stairs are located at either end allowing multiple travel routes. This along with open plan format and uninterrupted sightlines, is conducive to easy circulation and collaborative work.