With the NH team working from home, works to the new façade and lobby
of the NH Architecture Studio on Flinders Lane are rapidly taking shape.
Since March, the front entry and lobby internals have been stripped away
and prepared to be updated with new materials and lighting. As the lobby
is a live circulation route, this process was originally planned as a series of
nightworks and weekends to accommodate staff and clients’ movements.
However, due to the events of COVID-19, we have had the opportunity to
progress at a much faster pace.

On the exterior, the temporary gantry has been installed over Flinders Lane
and a mast climber attached to the existing building to provide access
vertically to the façade. The existing rendered grid façade has slowly begun
to disappear behind the new subframe. Over the next couple of months, it
will further disappear behind the pressed bronze stainless panels, reflecting
Harry Seidler’s 1989 Shell House opposite.


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