Monash University Building B Vertical Transport and Amenities

This adaptive reuse project incorporates an improved vertical transportation network, expanded all-gender amenities, and a better entry experience for two existing buildings. The focus of these efforts is to provide better connections to the teaching spaces and improve the overall experience for students, staff and visitors.

Monash University
Caulfield, Victoria
In Progress
Traditional Country
Boon Wurrung

The additions have been conceived to act as a central circulation spine, creating connections between the collaborative teaching and learning spaces and the concourse, the arcade below and the adjacent Ian Potter Sculpture Court. A new glazed façade will allow daylight into the formerly dimly lit spaces inside as well as well as orienting users in the surrounding campus context.

The new works significantly update the buildings to meet current standards as well as making way for the rest of the interiors to be refitted in the future to further expand the teaching and learning capacity.

Wayfinding is enhanced at the entrances and within the new spaces. An illuminated, glazed entry to the ground floor will improve safety for students and brighten up the previously shadowy arcade space at ground level. New landscaping ties into the existing leafy courtyard.

The lift core will be clad in a ribbed precast panel with a pattern of coloured tiles which reference’s Michael Kitson’s Ceramic mural, commissioned in 1974 for the south elevation of the existing building.