Hamish Lyon on integrating accessibility into the design of Melbourne Park

Hamish Lyon recently talked to Branko Miletic, the host of Talking Architecture and Design, about our work to integrate the principles of universal design at Melbourne Park.

Hamish spoke about NH Architecture’s 10-year association with the project, and in particular, the implementation of ambitious universal design and accessibility features within the buildings as well as the larger precinct.

“It is a fully universally designed precinct, not just a venue – we’re talking about nearly 1.5 kilometres in length,” he said. “We feel privileged to have been involved. But credit to all the state government agencies and all the stakeholder teams – it’s been a great effort in commitment to making the site accessible to all people.”

He also spoke about the challenges of designing sporting and entertainment venues which must satisfy internationally benchmarked requirements, while also being truly grounded in their local context.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast here.