Plenty Valley

In 2005 NH Architecture commenced a development application for the Plenty Valley
Town Centre, located at the suburban fringe of Melbourne’s north, with Westfield and Dexus for the City of Whittlesea. This work was done in conjunction a broader masterplanning study for the site which also included the remainder of Westfield’s land holdings which extended further west & north to the City of Whittlesea’s offices. The Masterplan Study informed the development of the Plenty Valley Town Centre and ultimately formed the basis of a revision to the existing South Morang Development Plan issued in October 2009.

The Masterplan has enabled a structured development framework for the South Morang Activity Centre.

 It provides a guide for the evolution and management of changes in land use, built form, and public spaces.

It seeks to provide a co-ordinated plan for infrastructure including public transport and an indicative staging of private and public development, all inclusive of environmental and social considerations.

The Plenty Valley Town Centre is the first built form outcome from the Masterplanning process. The centre is a substantial addition to a small existing shopping mall. The successful staged development of the Plenty Valley Town Centre was planned within a broad whole of site strategy including complimentary commercial, restricted retail, and mixed-use precincts.

The Plenty Valley Town Centre began as a commercial feasibility study. However for this to make sense, extensive demographic research and community consultation took place throughout the design process. This consultative approach led to many positive outcomes that diverged from the initial commercial intent.

South Morang, as one of Melbourne’s new activity centres, provided the opportunity to maximise the potential of its transit based role. The planned rail extension, due for construction in the next year, will also become a catalyst for introducing a diverse range of new uses into the centre.