Pentridge Piazza

The design concept for the seven hectare Pentridge Piazza site is to create a sustainable urban hub regenerated from the former bluestone prison complex to become a mixed-use development.

To ensure the ongoing adaption of Pentridge Piazza the project successfully integrates commercial, retail, community, and residential (approximately 1,000 units) components that are interconnected with the adjacent established environs.

The transformation of this historic site is further complimented with the careful planning of contemporary architecture of various scales, ranging in height from 4 to 18 storeys, and function. Variety of architectural expression will further contribute to the diversity of the development.

The public realm around the old and new elements is anticipated to be one of Melbourne’s memorable urban experiences.

A robust network has been planned consisting of broad piazza’s, narrow laneways and explorative arcades plus intimate courtyard spaces and forecourts. These form a complex collection of spaces capable of evolving through the renewed use of an underused site.