A number of key elements are present today at Merrifield leading towards the establishment of a city of significant proportion. Strategic transport planning has highlighted the area as a legible junction of major freeway systems. The land adjacent to the Hume Highway which is a designated employment zone will be one
significant part of the development of Merrifield City. Ultimately, the components of the city’s infrastructure will combine to create a
consolidation of civic and mercantile activities.

The natural setting of the proposed city is characterised by its valley setting, a peri-urban threshold between greater Melbourne and the adjoining regional towns. The high volumes of traffic passing through the city will be accommodated by systems formulated as a result of analysis of examples from inner Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The masterplan is informed by an awareness of the topographic context while anchoring its position next to the proposed recreational lake.

The masterplan investigation revealed the capacity to bring together a diverse array of town centre activities, employment, educational facilities, civic spaces, and core retail outlets into a staged model for condensed mixed-use growth. Contemporary street based urban design has been incorporated, using a distorted grid structure. The resultant multiplicity of public places and precincts establishes a high quality, sustainable plan
for a new city.