Flinders Street Station

Shortlisted as one the six finalists for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition, NH was excited to reimagine the cornerstone in Melbourne’s urban evolution, from its Victorian past to the contemporary global city of today, it holds symbolic resonance as the meeting point of Melbourne. Civic pride is represented in the Station’s great ‘postcard’ dome, arched portal and the famous clocks which connect Melbourne’s growing commuter network, to the daily life of the central city.

Historically and ideologically, the station has been tethered to Robert Hoddle’s original nineteenth-century city grid plan. However, over recent decades the station has begun to establish a new connection, with a network of public spaces and institutional buildings dotted along the Yarra River corridor. From cultural to sporting, transport to tourism, this connection between the city and the river binds its colonial past with a trajectory for the next century.

Overland Properties
Traditional Country
Wurundjeri/Boon Wurrung

We proposed that the ‘New Station’ would be generated from a combination of conceptual diagrams, with the ribbons of infrastructure being overlaid with a new form of public networking.


At the centre of this precinct stands a new public landmark: the Melbourne Room. This landmark venue compresses the DNA of the city into a room able to accommodate the cultural spillover from Federation Square, the artistic visions of the Victorian Arts Centre, the sporting icon of the Brownlow Medal presentation or the wild and dangerous world of Circus Oz.