CBW – Corner Bourke & William

NH Architecture has designed the retail podium and public realm areas of the new CBW (Corner Bourke + William) precinct in Melbourne. This mixed use development is located on the northwest corner of Bourke and William Streets, with Ramsay Lane to the west and Goldsbrough Lane extending through the centre of the site. The design addresses circulation through the site and its connection with the surrounding CBD; the development of a strong public realm through the revivalof Goldsbrough Lane; the interface between retail zones, pedestrian walkways and bridges and thesheltering of the public space. The new development will have a five star Ecological Sustainable Development Rating – the first non-Government building to have this level of ESD performance.

The urban culture of Melbourne’s 19th century laneways which cut major city blocks into a multitude of pedestrian short-cuts and spaces to linger and enjoy, has come to represent the embodiment of Melbourne’s international identity

This is the genesis of the strategy adopted for the CBW Precinct and is similar to other complex developments such as QV, where lower level retail architecture of the streetscape is the new public architecture.