NH shortlisted for Australian Tapestry Workshop’s Design Prize 2016

We are delighted that two of our designs have been shortlisted in the Tapestry Design Prize for Architects 2016. The People’s Choice voting has opened and we would be grateful for your support. For voting details read below:

Celestial Shift

Celestial Shift

Our first proposal takes the astronomical technique of Cosmological Redshift and applies it to the Canberra night sky. Redshift is used to measure the rotation and travelling speed of stars as well as the expansion of the universe. We capture this momentarily in our proposal by superimposing the night sky above the National Gallery in 2016 (as blue tones) over the sky on its opening date in 1982 (as red tones). The warp is left bare and visible where the stars exist, creating gaps in the tapestry to cast pinpoint light on the wall behind

Vote for Celestial Shift here: http://www.tapestrydesignprize.org/nh-architecture-celestial-shift/


linework perspective

Our second proposal references the 98 Australian artists who were interviewed in the 1970s to discuss their work that had been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia. Our tapestry takes a selection of these conversations and translates them into the peaks and troughs of sound-wave bars, made visible through the intricate stitches of tapestry. Metallic thread is woven across the peaks of the soundwave graphic providing a reference to sound conducting wires in speaker cables and will glisten against the light-absorbing wool background.

Vote for ReCollections here: http://www.tapestrydesignprize.org/nh-architecture-recollections/